Why Digital Stories?

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At a basic level digital storytelling means using technology to tell stories. You can tell digital stories in many ways, for example: through text on a website or social media tool, through narration and images in a video, or through narration in a podcast.

Digital stories are not just facts presented with accompanying images, they are narratives crafted to take the listener or reader on a journey. Just like a novel or a documentary, digital stories have a plot, characters, and themes.

Digital Stories are used in many ways in many fields:

  • Start-ups or established companies promoting their product or service through telling their story.
  • Victims of abuse or war telling their story as a means to heal and inform.
  • Individuals with various developmental disabilities telling their story through images and music when a text-based story may not be a option.
  • Immigrants and newcomers telling their story or the story of their families to raise awareness and support advocacy.
  • To commemorate a great life or infamous character.
  • and many more…

When used in education, digital stories can create a connection between the student and the content,

“Designing and communicating information requires students to deepen their understanding of content while increasing visual, sound, oral language, creativity, and thinking skills. Making meaning out of an experience deepens the communication for both the author and the viewers.” From: http://creativeeducator.tech4learning.com/v04/articles/The_Art_of_Digital_Storytelling

What will your story be?